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Around the Campfire – Cheetah attempt Zebra foal hunt

We were very lucky to see something what many people want to see and photographers want to shoot, a cheetah hunt. On an afternoon safari we found some cheetahs relaxing, [...]

Around the Campfire – Elephant Afternoon

It is incredible to watch a new guest, and first time safari goers reaction to a sighting that we often take for granted. Many guests arrive at the lodge hoping [...]

Around the Campfire – Searching for Buffalo

Madikwe conduct has adapted a culture of calling wild animals in a language that is more common in the area, which is Setswana. Taka boys (mud boys), it is a [...]

April 8th, 2017|Uncategorized|

Around the Campfire – A morning with Wild Dogs

Despite the odds, being the only 14 African wild dogs in a 75 000 hectares game reserve, perhaps this majestic diminishing species are a blessing in disguise, this hunting pack is [...]

Around the campfire – Waiting for action

With a day being separated into two halves, a sunrise and a sunset game drive, the light always matters. While we were out on afternoon game drive aiming to track [...]

Around the Campfire – Monye

In the wild safari if you don’t stay calm or wait for the light to brighten up, you will be eaten, bravo 9 beautifully located just 7 kilometers away from [...]

February 4th, 2017|Around the Campfire|