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Jaci’s Lodges is a remarkable, family-run business with Jan and Jaci van Heteren at the helm. A dynamic duo, they have spent over 30 years working together to create and sustain their dream of a wildlife and safari experience that surpasses guests’ expectations.

The property is a testament to the van Heterens’ insight into the needs of couples, groups and families looking for an authentic, upmarket safari getaway with no keys, no worries, outstanding food and luxury amenities. Additionally, they are passionately committed to empowering and uplifting the individuals who make The Jaci’s Experience so special. Jaci’s Lodges is run by a team of 50 people, most of whom live in the local community. Each person who works at the lodge contributes to the daily running, management, maintenance and service that has made Jaci’s Lodges in Madikwe Game Reserve famous throughout the years.

who we are

Jaci’s Staff Trust

What truly sets us apart from any other safari lodge is our pioneering initiatives in community involvement and environmental sustainability. Proudly, 27.2% of the business is owned by the Jaci’s Staff Trust, empowering local communities and fostering a deep connection between the lodge and its employees. This model not only enhances the guest experience by creating a more invested and passionate staff but also contributes significantly to local economic development.

Jaci’s Lodges are run by a team of dedicated individuals, the majority of which are members of the Jaci’s Staff Trust, most of whom live in the local community. Each person who works at the lodges contributes to the daily running, management, maintenance and outstanding service that has made Jaci’s Lodges Madikwe famous throughout the years.

Via the implementation of the Jaci’s Staff Trust initiative, Jaci’s Lodges aim to make a tangible difference in the lives of each member of staff. The impact is far-reaching, with the ultimate aim of empowering, uplifting and inspiring the local community.

The trust offers staff members who have been employed at Jaci’s Lodges for more than five years, the opportunity to become shareholders in the business. The shareholding is held in a trust, and eligible members receive their portion of the company dividends at the end of each year.

who we are


Jaci’s Lodges is committed to practising eco-friendly and sustainable initiatives in order to preserve our precious environment for future generations to enjoy. We take our commitment to sustainable tourism to heart and are involved in a number of conservation and eco-friendly community projects.

By adopting the following measures we are significantly reducing our carbon footprint, while at the same time improving the guest experience. This fusion of community empowerment and environmental passion, gives all Jaci’s guests a unique and sustainable safari experience that goes beyond wildlife viewing.

  • The installation of our Solar plant that runs both lodges and our staff village.
  • Full-scale glass, paper and tin recycling.
  • Use of environmentally friendly cleaning products and amenities.
  • Implementation of power saving energy efficient supplies wherever possible.
  • Minimization of waste by purchasing bulk amenities instead of individual packaging and products. As well as reducing our plastic waste by not using plastic trash bags and bottles.
  • Prioritisation of community employment, with lodge staff employment and delivery of products sourced from the local community.
  • Water conservation by greywater recycling.
  • Nature and wildlife conservation, including rhino anti-poaching. The Madikwe Guest Conservation Contribution, which allows every visitor the opportunity to protect our reserve’s endangered animals.

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