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Experience the ultimate authentic African safari at Jaci’s Lodges.

‘The descent of the African night is never forgotten. There is nothing more complete than to rest by a fire on a canvas seat … as the sky grows blue dark and the stars sharpen with the clarity peculiar to Africa…’ Safari: A Chronicle of Adventure by Bartle Bull

Set in the magnificent Madikwe Game Reserve in South Africa’s North West province, Jaci’s Lodges offer guests the perfect destination for unrivalled game-viewing, unique accommodation options, outstanding service and tailor-made safari activities.

With easy access via car or aeroplane, Jaci’s Lodges are a mere 3½-hour drive or an hour’s flight from Johannesburg.

The gorgeous safari-style accommodation at Jaci’s Safari Lodge features two exclusive Starbed Suites, six luxury Tented Suites and two private Family Suites.

At Jaci’s Tree Lodge, eight Treehouse Suites, custom-built on wooden stilts and connected by raised walkways, seem to float high above the ground.

Madikwe Game Reserve is world renowned as a spectacular Big 5 safari destination, and at Jaci’s Lodges we pride ourselves on our varied and exceptional safari activity offerings. Twice-daily game drives with our expert guides provide the perfect opportunity to explore the diverse and game-rich reserve. Our submerged Terrapin Hide and daily specialised photographic safari drives are favourites of amateur snappers and photographic professionals alike. Additionally, conservation safaris and walking safaris under the guidance of experts in their field offer everyday bush lovers the opportunity to experience Madikwe Game Reserve from unique perspectives.

We serve fire-cooked meals under the stars, with authentic South African flavour and flair. And our staff takes special pride in their attention to detail, ensuring your Jaci’s Lodges safari experience will be treasured for years to come.

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Jaci’s Safari Lodge and Jaci’s Tree Lodge offer authentic safari-style luxury accommodation options in the idyllic Madikwe Game Reserve.

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Safari Experience

Experience the splendour of the African bushveld through a variety of tailor-made activities, designed to offer a complete and diverse safari package.

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The 75 000-hectare reserve, which lies in the extreme northwest corner of South Africa, is home to a variety of animals, birds, trees and grasses.

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Everything you need to know to prepare yourself for your once-in-a-lifetime Jaci’s Lodges authentic African safari experience in Madikwe.

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Around the Campfire – Aardwolf Surprise

Always Look Twice The bush is always full of surprises, and sometimes the totally unexpected literally walks across the road in front of you. We were sitting quietly with a very relaxed bull rhinocerous who was rolling in a small sandy patch, it was a beautiful warm afternoon, the light was slowly turning golden and we were all thoroughly enjoying our time watching this bull. After a while, we decided that we would leave him and move on to see [...]

Around the Campfire – Guest Conservation Contribution Update

We launched our Jaci’s Lodges Guest Conservation Contribution (GCC) in Mid-April with the aim of highlighting conservation work being done within the reserve, as well as create a platform where guests can directly contribute to assist the conservation teams. We have finally broken through and had huge success: an intelligence driven operation led to the arrest of two poachers just outside the game reserve, as well as the arrest of an accomplice who was assisting them in from within the [...]

Around the Campfire – Waiting for Puppies

It has now been around two years since the resident pack of Wild Dogs had puppies, but we have been cautiously optimistic that they would den again this year. A pup from the previous litter taken in September 2015 The alpha pair were seen mating at the beginning of March, again towards the middle & end of March. We kept a close eye on the pack to see if they would start investigating potential densites. Camera Trap [...]

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