Conservation Safari

Conservation experiences at Jaci’s Lodges are designed to help everyday bush lovers contribute to on-the-ground wildlife conservation efforts taking place in the greater Madikwe Game Reserve.

Conservation Safari

Rhino Notching

This Madikwe safari initiative includes exhilarating involvement in wildlife safeguarding efforts within the reserve, giving you the opportunity to join our dedicated conservation team in a hands-on rhino notching operation. Get up close and personal with these magnificent animals, while at the same time, securing the future of Madikwe’s rhino population.

Conservation Safari

Protect Our Wildlife

Take part in a once-in-a-lifetime wildlife conservation experience alongside Madikwe’s dedicated conservation team. Be a part of the action as you head out into the reserve and witness the intricate process of darting and securing the animal, while the team performs the fundamental tasks of notching and DNA extraction that are essential to the preservation of these magnificent animals.

Terms & Conditions

Each conservation safari is led by a team of professionals, including:

  • A wildlife veterinarian with specific training in immobilising wild animals, with knowledge of their habitat, stress levels and other factors that may affect the outcome of darting procedures.
  • A helicopter pilot skilled in low-level flying, who enables the vet a clear and steady shot.
  • Field rangers who assist the team in doing the job quickly and efficiently, helping gather essential data and recording the details of each animal, contributing to the successful outcome of a conservation safari.

Conservation Safaris are subject to additional costs, availability and prior arrangement.

Please contact the lodge for more information.