Safari Greetings from Jaci’s Lodges

Jaci’s Lodges are run by a team of 50 people, most of whom live in the local community. Each person who works at the lodges contributes to the daily running, management, maintenance and outstanding service that have made Jaci’s Lodges famous throughout the years.

Jaci and Jan van Heteren are the owner-manager couple behind Jaci’s Lodges. A dynamic duo, they work together in creating and sustaining a luxury wildlife and safari experience that surpasses guest expectations. Their partnership is a successful one based on trust, love and support. While Jan focuses on the cuisine, hospitality and financial side, Jaci’s passion is marketing and interiors. Additionally, Jan and Jaci are committed to empowering and uplifting the individuals who make the Jaci’s Lodges experience so special.

Jaci’s Lodges are testament to the Van Heterens’ insight into the needs of couples, groups and families looking for an authentic upmarket safari getaway in the exceptional beauty of Madikwe Game Reserve.

The Jaci’s staff trust

Via the implementation of the Jaci’s Staff Trust initiative, Jaci’s Lodges aim to make a tangible difference in the lives of each member of staff. The impact is far-reaching, with the ultimate aim of empowering, uplifting and inspiring the local community.

  • Jaci’s Staff Trust offers people who have been employed at Jaci’s for more than five years the opportunity to become a shareholder in the business
  • A total of 27% of the business is currently owned by staff
  • The shareholding is held in a trust, and eligible staff members receive their portion of the dividends at the end of each year

Eco-friendly initiatives

Jaci’s Lodges takes its commitment to sustainable tourism to heart. Aside from Jaci’s Staff Trust, which empowers staff with shareholding in the business, Jaci’s Lodges are involved in a number of conservation and eco-friendly community projects.

These include:

  • Nature and wildlife conservation, including rhino anti-poaching
  • Community support and upliftment projects
  • Use of non-toxic cleaning products and amenities
  • Minimisation of waste by purchasing bulk amenities instead of individual packaging and products
  • Waste recycling through our community operated collect-a-can project
  • Prioritisation of community employment at Jaci’s Lodges, with staff employment and delivery of products such as firewood sourced from the local community
  • Water conservation by greywater recycling and towel/linen re-use
  • The Madikwe Guest Conservation Contribution, which allows every visitor the opportunity to protect our reserve’s endangered animals