March Mania – Lodge Update

March has been an incredibly eventful month at Jaci’s Lodges – from the flooding, to easter fun for all our guests as well as a little April Fools prank – it has been great. Lauren has compiled a short update on what has been happening, along with some images.

Floods in Madikwe:  This month we got to experience first hand what 180ml of rain in 24 hours can do, and its pretty impressive to say the least. Although the lodges and the rooms remained high and dry, for a full day we were completely surrounded by a mote of water and on our own little private island. Although all this through us out for a short period and our lovely River Path and outdoor Gym were underwater, we are happy to say that all is in order again and the fact that our Gym went for a swim, it remains the same.

Easter at Jaci’s: It’s been a busy School holidays for us and we had a great team of youngsters in camp, so what better way to entertain than to have an Easter Egg Hunt!
Each child was given a little bag with a quiz, a pencil and a marshmallow egg to give them energy for the hunt ahead. After completing the quiz they had to hand it back to me and I then rewarded them with a clue for each question they got right. Due to the fact that it was a fairly hot day and for fear of Monkeys and Baboons finding the delightful treats first, I had hidden Ping Pong balls instead for the kiddies to find. Once they were done with their clues, they could return the balls to in in exchange for chocolate eggs.

Great fun was had by all and this entertained the youngsters for quite a few hours.

April Fools: Its always fun and a lot of giggle were had by all in planning this years April Fools prank. Our Wild Dogs (the Metal ones) decided to take a walk to the Terrapin Hide waterhole. Jenna was positioned in the hide early morning to call in the “Wilddog sighting” on our private channel to all our guides out on drive. Waiting there, she was able to get photos of the guides with their guests coming to view the “Wilddog Dogs”. Thankfully our guests did not miss out on a real Wilddog sighting that morning as the pack was found a bit further away later that morning.