Where did you work before / experience / training / background? 

With a special Community Project I got the chance to study in 2004 for the Hospitality Industry, after completing this I started working in 2004 in Madikwe Game Reserve in Front of House. In 2007 I wanted to advance in my career and made yet another move within the Reserve and got the opportunity to study as a Spa Therapist. Yet, again to further myself even more I joined the Jaci’s Team in 2015 as being the on site Spa Therapist.
What Draws you to Jacis Lodges / Madikwe?

Jaci’s gave me the opportunity to be a Spa Therapist and that for me says it all, they gave me the chance that I was looking for to better myself in my career. Madikwe Game Reserve has always for me been close to home, so by being here this has become my home away from home.
What do you love about your job? 

I love my job because I can meet new guest. And also I like to get a challenge every once in a while, especially being a Spa Theraepist you are always learning new techniques and also learing about new and improved products. Also being able to keep myself in great shape by being busy in the Spa.
First Impressions of our first day at work?

What made my first day special was the friendliness of all the staff and management, and the surroundings being so simple yet eleagant, Jaci’s has got the feeling of being with family. What I did notice is that Jaci’s Lodges, standards are as high as any other place that I have worked at, and might even be higher in some regard.
What makes you get out of bed in the morning? 

The idea of working and spending time with my work clolleges, even thought I see them more as friends and family. The Team at Jaci’s is what motivates me to get up. It is the friendliness and warmness for all staff and management