Jaci’s Lodges is proudly South African! We make a concerted effort to source everything – from ingredients to suppliers, construction materials and decor – locally. Our guests often comment on the extra special “touches” at Jaci’s – weather it’s a brass sink plug molded in the form of a frog or pebbled paw prints inserted into pathways leading the to the boma area – we’re committed to incorporating these unique details throughout the lodge.

Our lodge is bright, bold (we could never be accused of being scared of colour…), celebratory and joyful – even our table linen accents reflect these energetic themes. We’re pleased as can be to have our “swish Shweshwe” (say that ten times fast!) supplied by Barnaby Street and Miemie’s Creations:

“Barnaby Street began a long time ago, before we had a logo, a name or started selling products. It began when we first found Shweshwe. We fell in love with the 100% cotton fabric from the start, even when the only colours available were indigo, chocolate and red. Our dream was to turn this fabric into a range of gorgeous items. Shweshwe, originally was produced in Europe and India and had to be shipped down to South Africa, starched to protect it during the long journey. But in 1982, Da Gama Textiles bought the sole rights to Shweshwe.

Now it is exclusively produced in Zwelitsha in the Eastern Cape. Traditionally it is still starched, which gives it a distinctive smell and stiff feel. Before using it, we wash it to reveal a soft fabric. In Easter 2015, we were able to realise our dream. Barnaby Street launched its range, mainly using Shweshwe but also incorporating denim and other fabrics.” barnabystreet.co.za/our-story

Purple Shweshwe overlay at a coffee stop while out on an early game drive at Jaci’s.

The perfect base to show off our famous “roosterkoek”, fresh from the fire!

Azure Shweshwe placemats are a perfect touch for a plated quiche starter…

… or a meaty main course!

Contact Barnaby Street: hello@barnabystreet.co.za / +27 (0)76 475 8148 / www.barnabystreet.co.za

Contact Miemie’s Creations: +27 (0)82 814 8925