Sometimes, rummaging through your old photo’s yields a few gems. This post is exactly a case of that happening. I re-found a sequence of shots from December 2019, of a pack of African Wild dogs having the time of their lives at a waterhole.



We arrived at the sighting with about 10 minutes of afternoon light left. Initially the Wild dogs were resting, but that changed within a minute. 2 of the adult dogs started playing with one another, and it soon escalated into an entire pack play. Being quite warm, even late in the afternoon, they were especially having fun running through the water. This created an incredible photographic opportunity, even as the sun set!



The play continued for almost half an hour, forcing us to push our ISO high and eventually moving over to motion blurs, but the shots just kept coming. Dogs chasing, play fighting and the pups playing catch with an Impala leg, left over from the mornings breakfast.



These are the moments that make a photographic safari special. Being able to hold onto the memories in this form, just makes it magic!