The Madikwe Game Reserve is home to the full big five, plus Cheetah, Wild Dogs and a whole host of more big game, but have you ever wanted to experience the smaller things – flowers, tracks, insects, arachnids, reptiles and more?
Jaci’s Lodges is able to offer walking safaris to our guests! These safaris are different, as you are away from the game viewer, on foot in the middle of the Madikwe Bushveld. This is a totally different way of experiencing the bush – your senses are heightened, you hear and respond to each snap of a twig, you pick up smells from the various herbs that are in the bush. It is amazing.
Under the guidance of our trained, armed and qualified walking guides, you will head out for either a morning walk (3 hours), after brunch walk (2 hours) or an afternoon walk (head back by sunset). Your guide will stop to show you where an elephant scratched itself, or where a male lion was resting, chat about the medicinal value of trees, bushes and flowers. The smaller things take preference, but that doesn’t mean that you won’t encounter a large mammal.  There are various safetly protocols in place, for both guests and guides, to ensure the walk is safely enjoyed by all.
There are a few things that guests wanting to go on a walking safari need to adhere to:

Wear comfortable walking shoes
Wear neutrally coloured clothing (and preferably long pants)
Bring Sunscreen and a hat
Should you wish to book a walking safari at Jacis lodges, please chat to the manager or guide the day beforehand, or alternatively make mention of it in your booking with us, so we can plan accordingly.

Age restrictions do apply.
Recent Guests, Suelle & Bart Harts went on a walking safari with Jaci’s Field Guide, Armand, and had this to say about it:

“The walking tour was extremely remarkable in all aspects. Feel part of the wildlife is a total different experience… Follow the wild animals tracks. Listen to all kind of sounds coming from the bushes. Sometimes it was just a beautiful bird singing, but surprisingly sometimes it was the sounds from Zebras, Elephants or even the unmistakable roar of a Lion. It is just speechless! Along the trails, an unimaginable quantity of exotic plants and all different kinds of small animals. All miraculously living together, bringing alive this wonderful circle of beauty and life.

Thank you Jaci and Lodge Family for this unforgettable experience!”
We look forward to you joining us for a “walk on the wild side” soon!