It all started with an old buffalo cow dying in view of our front stoep – we knew this would attract the predators and hopefully, as our waterhole was the closest water supply, the anticipated eye level images of these glorious creatures approaching & drinking at our #terrapinhide.


Excitement was in the air and our anticipation levels were sky high … I made a few phone calls to advise that i would be “camping” in the #terrapinhide, not to emerge until i “got the shot” – i was committed!


Sitting inside the #terrapinhide is almost like a drug – you actually cannot sit back as you do not know what will come over the horizon … in addition there is the abundant and varied birdlife to take into consideration.


To watch the egret hunting – aim, shake/shiver and strike! Bee eaters flying down for a splash bath, Woodland Kingfisher tempting the perfect shot of a dive – endless opportunities and challenges – addictive!
The first day came and went – an endless procession of animals, insects, a water monitor, birds and the amazing Jaci’s staff delivering my meals and at 17h30 that much needed South African gin and tonic!
about and hour after the sun set i went home to charge my batteries download the images and ready my camera for the next days early start.


I have chosen pictures to give you a snapshot of the days variety – one thing i can assure you – the time flew by!