Our new Resident Photographic Professional, the renowned wildlife and nature photographer, Andrew Aveley took some time out of his day to answer a few questions. Andrew is one of the best in the photographic industry, and we can assure you that a photographic safari with him will change your outlook on photography and you be #creatingphotography in no time.

1) What inspires you and makes you get out of bed in the morning

When out working in the field , I would say even though a little clichéd , the fact that one can never be guaranteed of anything in nature when out on a drive or photographic adventure keeps the interest an desire to get up and go out and #createandexplore

2) What has your experience at Jaci’s Lodges and the Game Viewing in the Madikwe Game Reserve been like?

Over the last several months I have seen and photographed a myriad of subjects. From a small scorpion to a roaring male lion at sunset. I think what is important is that with the unique mix of people at the lodge (From guides to all the staff) the complete experience is something that in my opinion is unique to Jaci’s lodge and cannot be found anywhere else in Madikwe. The photographic vehicle , dedicated equipment and top class guides make it completely original and has set an incredibly high standard for the reserve

3) How did you get into wildlife photography

I have always dabbled with photography from a very young age with small disposable film cameras in and around my neighborhood. I was introduced to the “bush” in 1999 and well from there it spiraled out of control and I made it a priority to get out into the bush with my family as often as possible. The progression form there to where I am today is well something that I am continually adding to and taking as much out of #creatingphotography as possible.

4) What are your thoughts on how a safari experience at Jacis, accompanied by you as the photographic professional, could benefit the guests wildlife photography goals?

This is a great question. I think the short answer is for me , the fact that no matter what level of photographer you are when you get on the vehicle , when you end you drive I will have shared something new and helped you enjoy your photography that much more. Keeping things simple and enjoyable will ensure that any guest will walk away with an experience not availibel anywhere else.

5) What do you hope to achieve with your guests on longer specialized photographic safaris, such as our upcoming cats and dogs photographic safari?

These more structured workshops /safaris /adventures will enable participants an opportunity to learn and hone the basic skills when out in the field. Often we over think the nature of the beast called photography. I will be able to offer advice and insight into the opportunities we are presented with when on drive . This will be the starting point for all to create unique and personal images. During the time between drives I will also give personal attention to reviewing the days images and also offer some reference to development of the digital images in Lightroom or Camera Raw . The goal for me is to ensure that our experience together will lead to the guest feeling inspired and motivated to get out more and capture the magic of Africa.

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