Lauren Perry
Age 36,
General Manager at Jacis Safari Lodge. ​

Where did you work before / experience / training / background?

​I have always been a farm girl at heart and loved the outdoors for as long as I can remember. I have been in the industry since I finished studying Travel and Tourism in 2000, managing various Lodges through out Southern Africa and have also run camps in Cameroon and Zimbabwe.
What Draws you to Jacis Lodges / Madikwe?

​Jan and Jaci ( they are a dynamic team and create a sense of being part of their family)
What do you love about your job?

​Whats not to love – you fall asleep listening to nature and get to meet new people every day……not one day is the same and every morning when you wake up you can start your day knowing its not going to be like the previous day……( some people may not like this, but I love it)

First Impressions of our first day at work?

​Wow!!!!! look at all the Colours…………….and how friendly and welcoming the whole team was…Everyone is genuinely happy.
What makes you get out of bed in the morning?

​​Its like opening a surprise birthday present ( and who doesn’t get excited about that) you never know what is going to happen on that day……