Molefi Mooketsi,

Age: 36

Front of House

Where did you work before / experience / training / background? 

I started my career in the Retail business in 2001, I did this up untill 2008, when I realized that I have a real passion and love to work with people. I decided to move in to the Lodge industry. With this decision made, I started working at Tau Lodge in 2008, here I grew alot in the work I was doing and in 2015 I got the opportunity to come and join the Jaci’s Team. I grabbed this opportunity and have already learned so much more by being here.
What Draws you to Jacis Lodges / Madikwe? 

The name “Jaci’s Lodges” says it all, this Lodge shouts FAMILY, and who does not want to be part of a place were we are all seen as family and not just colleges. For me it is an absolute dream to be able to work at Jaci’s.
What do you love about your job? 

Being able to meet new and intereristing guest on a daily basis, is what keeps me going and each day is never a bore. Working with the amazing team we have at Jaci’s Lodges is also a bonus.
First Impressions of our first day at work? 

The team made me feel special, and that they wanted me to be part of this team and family. From management all the way to the rest of the staff I was met with open arms and big smiles, and this made me feel at home.
What makes you get out of bed in the morning? 

Everyday when I wake up I tell myself when looking in the mirror “that today is the day”, yesterday doesn’t matter, and esspecially working in a Lodge, no day is the same. Is to know that I will be meeting new people and being able to make them smile.