Please note that our Camera Equipment will be unavailable for guests from 2 – 13 December 2016 due to their annual service. 

Whether you’re an aspiring amateur snapper with a passion for wildlife or a professional papparazzo with lots of glass looking for that perfect photographic moment, the Jaci’s Lodges photographic safari options guarantee an encounter with some of the most sought-after wildlife subjects.

The newly opened “Terrapin Hide” provides incredible water level photographic opportunities, combined with our daily Photographic Drives with a photographic host, use of professional level DSLR cameras and telephoto lenses, complimented with custom built Gimpro game viewer arms & single/double pano heads you can be assured of access to state of the art specialized equipment and expert tuition to compliment your wildlife photography skills.

The Jaci’s specialised Photographic safari experience allows for total flexibility, whether you are looking for a set departure photographic safari, an expert led group photographic experience/safari or if you prefer to do things yourself on our daily guided Photographic Drives, the choice is yours to make – depending on your personal requirements.

Access to the Terrapin Hide is 24 hours per day, through an underground/water tunnel (do the “Terrapin Shuffle”), complete with red led interior lights, spotlights & radio to order that all important morning coffee or well earned G & T!

So whether you choose join a Photographic Safari or to skip game drive & spend time in the Terrapin Hide – the choice is yours to make.

You can stay up late to view the noctural animals coming for a drink or capture the star filled night sky, at the Terrapin Hide, it’s convenient accessibility will allow you to do just that! With the Terrapin Hide facing West, you are guaranteed soft morning light, and those warm, dusty, backlit silhouettes in the late afternoon, that you see in publications and could previously only dream of!

Jaci’s Photographic Safari Vehicle

Are you looking to improve your wildlife photography? Are you keen to try out some professional level wildlife photographic equipment? If yes, then book a seat on our Specialised Photographic Safari Vehicle

Our specialised Photographic Safari Vehicle departs on twice daily safaris, where you will be under the guidance of our trained photographic guide, Anja. You will be shown how to operate our professional level DSLR Cameras, and variable focal length lenses, plus use the Gimpro Game Viewer mount for stability. You will learn about composition, expsoure, aperture and a whole lot more, while immediately putting those skills to work, photographing the plethora of animals in the Madikwe Game Reserve. After the drive, you remove your SD Card supplied by the lodge, and head off

Book your seat to avoid disappointment. Optional extra – additional cost per seat per Photographic Safari drive applies.

Acclaimed facilitators & hosts

Andrew Aveley

Andrew Aveley

Andrew Aveley is a vibrant and passionate nature photographer who continually strives to help all who travel with him to push their own personal photographic boundaries out in the field. A true professional in all levels of his craft, he has a wide portfolio of work from his extensive travels throughout Africa. His private photographic workshops are focused around the guest photographer and their specific photographic needs.

Andrew has delivered numerous keynote presentations, to aspiring photographers in Southern Africa, where he shares his passion and love of photography. Andrews simple technical approach to photography has made his workshops unique. His #creatingphotography motto is infectious and helps even seasoned photographers hone their skills when on an adventure or workshop with Andrew.

Andrew will be our photographic resident for 8 two week sessions in 2016. Be sure to look at our photographic residency page to check the dates.

Andrew will be the photographic host on our much anticipated Cats and Dogs Photographic Safari, as well as being the photographic mentor to the children on our South African Childrens Photographic workshop.

Anja Riise

Anja Riise

In 2009 I decided to do my Training with Bushwise to become a guide. After finishing my training I landed a great opportunity to work as Field Guide in the Kruger National Park. After this I became a Tour Guide with Albatros Travel. After being a Tour Guide for a couple of years I realized that this is not quite what I want to do, and started making my way back into the Guiding Industry. I finally ended up at Jaci’s Lodges in 2014. In 2016, I decided to redirect my passion and did some Photographic Training with Pangoline Photographic Safaris.

The fact that Jaci’s Lodges is one of the few Lodges that over Photographic Safaris to guest, and also with the recent decision to partner with Pangolin Safaris, this opened up a whole new world for me. Madikwe is such an amazing Reserve to offer and host Photographic Safaris.

The fact that I still get out and about in the bush and being able to capture some amazing moments on Camera, and being able to share this with guest and giving them the same opportunity to get these images that they will be able to treasure for years to come. Also, the fact that I can get to show guest that there is so many different ways to look at a image and to change for their liking.

ELEPHANTS yet again!! The fact that now, getting out of bed I know I need to get out as soon as I can to catch that perfect light as the sun rises. Yet, again not knowing what the day will offer, but having the opportunity to capture this and seeing how the day evolves.


David Rogers

David Rogers

David Rogers, who previously worked for Getaway magazine, is a freelance photographer and writer who specialises in safari lodges & hosts photographic workshops for both adults & children on request during the year, with our first Children’s photographic workshop at end of September 2015.

He regularly contributes to Africa Geographic, National Geographic Traveller, Getaway and range of other magazines. David has written six books in the Safari in Style series, as well as two editions of Classic Safari Camps of Africa.

David first encountered Jaci’s Lodges when he published his first Safari in Style in 2006 & later collaborated with Jaci to create the Jaci’s Summer – a Recipe book.

David is fantastic with children, and is our photographic tutor for the Childrens Photographic Workshops

The highly acclaimed photographer/author duo Roger and Pat de la Harpe share a passion for conservation, wild places and indigenous cultures. Over the past 25 years they have explored the planet together, collecting content and imagery for 26 coffee table books, many of which are a celebration of nature and the environment.

It was in Madikwe that pair did much of the photography and research for their book In Search of the African Wild Dog. Their work features in local and international publications, most notably Getaway, Africa Geographic, BBC Wildlife and German Geo. Their latest publication being “African Icons” together with David Bristow

Pat and Roger bring years of experience and their passion to Jacis for the inaugural Wild Wine Photographic Safari.

Recommended photographic equipment

  • Camera: A digital SLR camera with removable lenses. A fixed-lens camera will work but will limit what you can do to a certain degree. Charge your batteries!
  • Accessories: A flashgun, a sturdy tripod.
  • Zoom lenses: At least two zoom lenses are recommended, one of which is wide angle and the other medium-to-long telephoto, which should preferably have some form of image stabilisation. At least 300mm or preferably 400mm (Nikon does a really useful 80 to 400mm lens and Canon a 100 to 400mm) is recommended.
  • Computer: A laptop computer with photographic software loaded on to it. It is recommended that you have some form of back-up medium, whether DVDs or a portable hard drive.
  • Cables and extras: Camera charger, extra memory card and the camera manual. A memory card reader or computer cables to connect your camera to your laptop.
  • Don’t forget: A hat to protect your face from the hot African sun, a warm jacket and sunscreen.