Over 45 different tree species provide shade, food and habitat for wildlife and birds in the Madikwe Game Reserve. From the heady sweet flowers of the shepherd’s tree to bush willows, fig trees and a multitude of thorn bushes, the fauna in the reserve is as diverse as the animals, birds and insects that inhabit it.

Since the reserve is made up of multiple veld types, including mixed bushveld, Kalahari bushveld, arid sweet bushveld and thornveld, the mosaic of vegetation and grasses is unprecedented.

Location and topography

The Dwarsberg mountain range forms the southern boundry of the reserve, with its highest point reaching 1 228 metres. In the north, dense bushveld vegetation gives way to a savanna plain dotted with scattered inselbergs.

The eastern boundary, marked by the Molatedi Gate, lies close to Lotteringskop, while the western entrance gate offers a good view of Abjaterskop.

In the middle of the reserve lie the Thswene Tshwene hills, each 1 328 meters tall.

Madikwe scenery

The scenery observed in the Madikwe Game Reserve today is the result of billions of years of geological processes that made way for vegetation to take root and transform the region.

From the jumbled hills of Tshwene Tshwene rising from flat plains near the Botswana border, to the prominent ridge of the Dwarsberg, a range of habitats support a wide variety of trees and grasses.