Whether you want to capture priceless images of wildlife from the center of the watering hole, or sit quietly, immersing yourself in your surroundings, you can do it at the Terrapin Hide.

The Terrapin Hide is a submerged, water level aquatic hide that is accessible to all of our guests, 24 hours a day, via under water tunnel. Visited by a wide variety of mammals and birds alike, you can sit quietly and watch the animals coming down to drink as if you werent even there.

Imagine an elephant so close that you can make out the lines on its toenails, A terrapin popping its head up to look at you, dragon flies hovering above the mirrored water. The beauty of a pied or giant kingfisher hovering, and diving to catch a fish, green back herons stalking their next – it is raw, it is untamed and all natural.

Experience an unplugged, immersive and all encompassing wildlife experience – with or without a camera in the beauty of our natural, permanent waterhole.