Jaci’s Lodges is run by a team of 50, most of whom live in the local community and are from a previously disadvantaged background. Each person who works at Jaci’s contributes individually to the daily running, management, maintenance and outstanding service guests encounter at the Jaci’s Lodges.

Meet the owners

Jaci and Jan van Heteren are the owner-manager couple behind Jaci’s Lodges. A dynamic duo, they work together in creating and sustaining a luxury wildlife and safari experience that surpasses guest expectations.

Their story is unique. The couple moved to Madikwe in the mid 1990s and built and opened the first lodge in the reserve – Madikwe River Lodge. They later sold their interest in the lodge, but soon realised they missed Madikwe.

Back for a second time, they returned and opened Jaci’s Safari Lodge.

Jaci’s Tree Lodge followed three years later, fulfilling Jan’s dream of building a lodge on stilts.

Their partnership is a successful one based on trust, love and support. While Jan focuses on the cuisine, hospitality and financial side of the business, Jaci focuses on all things marketing related as well as the interiors.  A lover of bright African colours, Jaci has applied her creative flair to the unique décor complimenting the look and feel of the lodges.

Jaci’s Lodges is testament to the Van Heterens’ insight into the needs of couples, groups and families looking for a relaxing, upmarket safari getaway set amid the arid beauty of the African Marico bushveld.

The Jaci’s staff trust

Jan and Jaci are committed to truly empowering and uplifting the individuals who make the Jaci’s experience so special.

Via the Jaci’s Staff Trust, the Van Heterens aim to make a real difference in the lives of each of their employees.

The Jaci’s Staff Trust offers people who have been employed at Jaci’s for more than five years the opportunity to become a shareholder in the business.

Via the Jaci’s staff trust, 25.1% of the business is owned by the Trustees.

The 25.1% shareholding is held in a trust and this is then divided between eligible staff members, who receive their portion of the profits/dividends at the end of each financial year.

Jaci’s Lodges is also a place of learning. Here, via a development programme, staff members can develop their skills and grow within the business while reaping the financial rewards of their hard work and outstanding customer service.

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